Electronics for Special Applications

Complete developement and production of electronics for special applications (hard- and software) according to the guidelines of the customer.

PowerPC-6Axes-AC-Control Electronics

Digital Power Electronics for 4 axes –     

PowerPC-AC-Control Electronics
with 4 axes extension

The 6 Axes-AC-Control Electronics was developed for the feedback control of the drives in precision measuring machines. It fits electronically and mechanically optimal in the applied PowerPC drive control system.

  • Fully digital closed loop control for up to 6 AC-servo axes with a total driving power of 1,7kW
  • High dynamic current control in rotor-coordinates with sine shaped currents
  • Consisting of 3 components:
    • Power Supply - NT
    • Digital Current Controller - DSR
    • Digital Power Electronics in 3 versions:
      • 2 axes standard configuration – DLE
      • 2 axes high current configuration – DLE-HS
      • 4 axes low current configuration – DLE-LC

each placed on a double euroboard

  • Modular expandable in steps of 2 up to max. 6 controlled axes
  • Direct integration of the whole control electronics in the 19“ control cabinet
  • Controlled via VME-Bus, used as I/O-Bus
  • Admittedly developed for a special application, but essentially application-independent


Product Summary Power-PC-6Axes-AC-Control Electronics