Closed Loop Control Electronics

Development and production of closed loop control electronics for AC- and DC-drives, for own products as well as for the application in customer products.

A focus is digital closed loop control for AC-servo drives for applications with highest dynamic and precision.

Control Board
WIEDEG control board for SIEMENS/WIEDEG Simodrive 3 phase modules

Digital Closed Loop Control for AC-Servo Drives (Synchronous- and Asynchronous Electrical Machines)

  • Closed Loop Control
    • Field oriented current control in rotor- or rather rotor-field-oriented coordinates.
    • Rotation speed control with voltage controlled field weakening and parameter adaption in case of asynchronous machines.
    • Position control from simple positioning to multi-axis CNC control operation.


  • Hard- and software
    • Signalprocessor kernel with most up to date memory and I/O technology.
    • Interface to different control systems and for set in motion- and diagnosis –PCs.
    • Interface to the power electronics with powerful pulse width-modulation.
    • Compact setup in SMD-technique, board size and interfaces adapted to the drive control module.


  • Practical approved solutions ranging from simple to highest demands regarding dynamic and precision.